First test the rental car thoroughly, then buy the car for less!

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Were you impressed by the travels with your rented Toyota from Toyota RENT and would you like to own your own Toyota?

Nothing could be simpler: configure your ideal Toyota and ask for an offer tailored for you directly from your official Toyota partner in Switzerland. If you would like to take up the offer within two months after the rental, the rental price for a whole month will be deducted from your purchase price.

Use the vehicle rental to test various cars and models

You learn to particularly appreciate the nice things in life over the course of time and soon you may no longer want to go without them. This is also the case with cars. If you have previously resorted to rental vehicles or have not been sure for a long time which car is the right one for you, then the decision to opt for a particular model may come quickly during the rental period of a Toyota hire care.

Because whilst you can only enjoy the potential new car for a short time during a test drive from the car dealership, as part of a long-term rental you have the chance to test your Toyota intensively and thoroughly in all situations. 

Test your Toyota and buy the rental car model as a new car

Taking on a rental car naturally does not mean that you simply have to buy your rented and already driven car and pay the full purchase price for it. At Toyota RENT, buying the rental car means that you can simply configure your ideal model, which you already tested as part of the rental, online or from the Toyota partner of your choice.

The car is then handed over to your brand new from the factory and we take the already used rental car back. So that you can take advantage of the investment in the preceding rental, we will reimburse you the amount of the rental price already paid for one month. What is important here, is that you decide to buy the rental car within two months after the rental period.